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Simple and Easy

Hot Work E-Permit App is very simple to use. Simply create profile depending on your role in a hot work job. Four user profile types: Supervisor: Issues work permit. Contractors: An external workman (fitter,plumber, gartner, electrician etc) the one doing the hot work job. Employee/workmen: The internal one doing the hot work job Fire watcher: The one taken care the fire watch duties under a hot work.


App lets you send and receive notifications whenever a new hot work permit is initiated and submitted. Each user profile who is involved in the process gets notified as and when it goes through different stages of the process. If a fire starts during or after the work, any of the profile involved can open the app and go to the permit and press a fire button, which will the close the job and everyone involved will be emailed with pdf.


All necessary details of the hot work permit process with time stamp and responsible user actions are recorded sequentially which provides clear transparency from an end -to- end perspective. This offers a clear and transparent details with full documentation about the full process flow. This is often missed in the current standard paper format. Also full details serve as a good documentation evidence during insurance claims.

Status Dashboards

To become aquick and simple overview over you hot work permits the HWEPS app have a Dashboard.The Dashboard contain four groups of permits: active, pending, expired andcompleted. The Dashboard is the first screen after locking in on all 4 type ofusers.This willsecure a fast overview for the user. The user can see the number of permits whichis in one of the groups.Activepermits; - are the group of permits you work on or is open. Pendingpermits; - are the group of permits which are waiting for some of the otherusers involved to do something.Expiredpermits; - are the group of permits not closed after 24 hours after they havebeen issued.Completedpermits; - are the group of permits closed and where the full job has beendone. The folder contains all your permits in 30 days, hereafter they aredeleted.

Secure Documents

Paperprocesses are “headache” – HWEPS provide permits in pdf format which are easyto store on your own drive or cloud solutions. Every user adds an e-mailaddress to their user ID, this could be a unique e-mail in your system whichreceive the hot work permit and store it automatically in your preferred folder.It can also be the users own e-mail and he can decide where to store the hotwork permit pdf.In most ofall the regulations world wide there are no requirements for storing the hotwork permit. You onlyneed the hot work permit when you have a fire and you will know if you have afire. The fire will happen during the work or in the fire watch period afterthe hot work has taken place, this means you know it in less than 24 hoursafter the work.In theHWEPS app you have permits for 30 days and if you store permits for 30 days youshould at all time be safes, unless you have a regulation requirement thatstate something else you have to follow and please do so.

Risk Free Access

Nothing iswithout risk; hot work is one of the major causes of industrial fires and quitea number of these can be avoided. The regulation for hot work is made toprevent against these fires, but still there are a lot of fires due to hot workand breaches of rules.The HWEPSapp contribute to optimize the risk management process and to establish a bestin class loss prevention around hot work. HWEPS encourage all involved in a hotwork process to do the task in the way they are educated. With the photodocumentation, time and the workflow HWEPS generate, it will at anytime bevisible how have not done the job as he is obliged too. This isnot to blame the one, but to have the focus to avoid the fire to take place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve covered some of them up for you.

The supervisor submits the permit, by opening a permit and by answering the opening questions. The employee or contractor (workman) who should do the hot work job, will be notified when the supervisor has submitted the job. Hereafter they will be notified when the fire watch has taken care of his first part of duty. Then the workman can start his task on the permit and then do his job. The fire watch has 3 duties, first checklist to take care that the right fire protections are in place. The second checklist is Under the work to watch if required. The third checklist is after the work to either permanent watch the area or do rounding. The Hot Work E-Permit app give possibilities to use electronical smoke detection as fire watch.
Yes, youcan issue as many permits as you need to get all the job done.
A user isany person who needs access to HWEPS. You can choose different user roles tomanage account access for issuing permits, one role for a supervisor, anotherdoing the hot work job, and last but not least one doing the fire watch.
Our team is here to help! Our online support will appear on our homepage, when available.If you do not get the online support you can at anytime write us on the support forms, link. We guarantee a fast feedback and it will not take more than a working day to be back to you.
After the30 days free trial you will be charge by Google store or Appstore for the monthly rate. You can at anytime stop your membership by cancelling it inGoogle play and Appstore. Hereafter you can use the HWEPS app until the normal payment day, where your user account will be locked.
For 30 days,you'll have free access – after 30 days you will be charge from your googleplay or Appstore account.
You canjust stop your account in Google play and Appstore and you will not be renewedat the next payment period.
There are 4types of HWEPS users:Supervisor: The one to issue the hot workpermit. Contractors: An external workman (fitter,plumber, gartner, electrician etc) the one doing the hot work job.Employee/workmen: The internal one doing thehot work jobFire watch: The one taken care the fire watchduties under a hot work. This can be the supervisor or employee as well, butnot for the same job!
You don'tneed Internet connection to use HWEPS App’en. It syncs when you have Internetconnection or data connection on your sim card. Be aware that no notificationor e-mail are send when you are offline.

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